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Project Runway Episode 2 Recap

Episode two of Project Runway Season 10 aired last night and was all about the sweets, sweets, sweets, oh yes and drama!

A Project Runway favorite, the unconventional materials challenge, led the designers to Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City. Met by Dylan Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s daughter, each designer was given $500 to create a look made out of SWEETS. The designers flew through the aisles, filled sky high with colorful, tasty sugars, to find the perfect treats for the runway. In 30 minutes they found varieties of candies to inspire their pieces. From gumballs, to candy legos and dots, the designers were in a modern day Candy Land with over 7,000 choices from around the world.

The designers went back to Parsons where they began designing their candy-chic looks and style them with the Lord & Taylor Accessory Wall. Mid-way through Tim Gunn stopped in for his honest and sometimes painful critiques. He praised Sonjia for her creative use of gummy sharks and jelly beans, which gave her piece a sophisticated look with a sea glass appeal, but was upset with Andrea’s look and took her from a high to an instant low. “This looks sloppy, unaltered, a craft project, and it looks like a throw away piece. I’m disappointed and concerned for you.” OUCH! 

However, the drama did not end there! Once on the runway, pieces of licorice were falling off Elena’s monochromatic outfit, which led to Michael Kors saying, “It looks like a rigatoni Mad Max!” while cotton candy melted from Kooan’s bright dress and Buffi’s bird-nest hat did not pull of the Carrie Bradshaw look she as going for. Her model looked “like a five year-old going to a birthday party,” stated Heidi Klum. 

Sonjia, Gunnar and Ven were the top 3, and it was anyone’s guess who would win. In the end it was Ven who came out with the win. His wearable, stained-glass inspired dress wowed the judges.  Heidi Klum gave him the best critique of all claiming that she would love to wear that dress, while Nina said it was, “sublime, candy couture and on trend!”.

See more of the Accessory Wall and how Ven used it to help win the challenge in the video below. Then shop accessories inspired by the winning look here.

We said goodbye this episode to Lantie, who struggled with “time” during this challenge. Sending down the runway fabric from Dylan’s umbrellas, the judges were unimpressed, disappointed, and confessed, “it was a literal meltdown.” 

See a quick recap of the drama from this week’s episode below!