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Project Runway Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 of Project Runway Season 10 was all about figuring out how to combine two different design aesthetics into one cohesive piece. The designers were soon to learn that ”the hardest person to impress in fashion is a fashion designer,” as Gunnar stated.

Tim Gunn met the designers at South Street Seaport in lower Manhattan to deliver this week’s challenge. The designers were placed in teams and asked to create a red carpet look for a surprise client, which would be worn at the Emmy’s. They were each given a key to unlock a Lexus GS that would inspire their look.

The teams left the Seaport to discover who their very special client would be. They were told by Tim that this client has a great deal of empathy for what they are dealing with now on Project Runway. Thoughts of Heidi filled the air but the unexpected shocked them. A previous Project Runway designer awaited each team. They jumped immediately into likes and dislikes, and what they hoped the designers would execute in such a short amount of time.

It was then a race through Mood and then back to the workroom. There the designers had to work together on their red carpet look. Tim instructed the designers to “use the Lord & Taylor Accessory Wall thoughtfully” since the complete look is so important on the red carpet.

Since this was a team challenge the workroom was filled with more drama than usual.  Christopher was concerned with his piece after Tim and his client Anya come in for their critique, and he begins to pull fabric out of the garbage praying for a miracle. However, the bigger issue was the speed Andrea was moving at. Placed in the bottom two, guest judge Krysten Ritter noted, “I think that this looks like a Halloween costume that you can get at a drug store.” Luckily this criticism did not deter them from moving on to next week’s challenge!  And it was not only Christopher who was dealing with team issues. Elena stormed out of the design studio because she could no longer handle the speed at which Buffi was moving at. Nevertheless, in the end, their client Laura Bennett’s garment came together!

In the top, Gunnar and Kooan stood proudly next to their all white gown, as Heidi proclaimed, “Personally I think it’s a beautiful dress. I think you look stunning in it. If I look at both of them to me this is more of an eye catcher. It’s a little bit more exciting. If I had to choose to wear one or the other I would want to wear the white one. “ That’s one of the best compliments she could give! Nina admired the beautiful collar the two had chosen to include in their design. Gunnar noted: “it was a necklace. Thank you Lord & Taylor!” (The necklace is Robert Rose, coming soon!) Even though this pair did not win the challenge, their white dress was stunning and absolutely suited the taste of their client. In the end, Ven was victorious, winning his second challenge in a row! With his team partner Fabio, they were capable of pulling off an expensive looking dress for their client Kenley, who completely adored this design and asserted, “This is adorable. Very like modern Grace Kelly. Just what I wanted!”

His look was finished with nude pumps. Shop them here.

From 14 to 13, Raul was kicked off because he presented a frumpy, boring dress that was not red carpet ready, especially with that horse-tail hair extension. ONE DAY YOU’RE IN and THE NEXT YOU’RE OUT!

See more of the winning and losing looks below:

Judging by the cliffhanger to next week’s episode, it looks like there will be some twists and turns as one designer goes missing! See a recap of the episode, plus a sneak peek at next week’s serious DRAMA!